Ryan Callaway

May 13, 2016

"The Girl in the Cornfield" was featured on hundreds of websites, such as JoBlo and Dread Central, and released on DVD & VOD.

JUNE 2016

"The Watchers: The Beginning of Sorrows" was shot as a prequel to the upcoming remake of "The Watchers," SDP's first feature film made in 2013.  


Amy and Ryan Callaway​

New Jersey born and raised, Ryan Callaway grew up writing horror stories, two of which went on to become published novels. Callaway always imagined his books as films, but never thought he'd be the one to adapt them. After falling in love with the movie "Jeepers Creepers" and studying behind-the-scenes features, his interest in the production aspect was piqued. In 2008, he decided to expand his artistic expression into independent filmmaking, helped along the way by fellow artists Cheryl Palmer, Greg Pantaleo, and more established filmmakers that he learned the ropes from.  Thus, Shady Dawn Pictures was born.

Callaway worked his way up, starting with no-budget short films, and then co-produced, directed, and wrote several features. "The Girl in the Cornfield" is his production company's most popular film, which led to the sequel "Where Demons Dwell: The Girl in the Cornfield 2." It went into pre-production 2 months before the first film was released to the public. His wife, Amy Callaway, takes a hands-on position behind the scenes in development, production design, and other aspects. Dana Bieber, who boasts 20 years of editorial experience at newspapers throughout the United States, is the Media Relations arm and Press Rep for the company.

Shady Dawn Pictures will continue producing films and securing bigger budget films to bring creative storytelling to life while expanding its audience base.


Shady Dawn Pictures makes headway in 2016

Dana Bieber - press rep

December 2016

Shady Dawn Pictures doubled the investment put into "The Girl in the Cornfield" through profits, making it Shady Dawn Pictures' most successful film to date.

january 13, 2017

"Where Demons Well: The Girl in the Cornfield 2" was released on Amazon Prime, Youtube, and other online outlets.