In THE NIGHT OF THE HARVEST a group of friends go geocaching in the woods behind an old cornfield where they are stranded and stalked by a dangerous masked woman in white.   THE NIGHT OF THE HARVEST is the thrilling followup to 2023's STAY OUT OF THE BASEMENT, which followed a young teen named Mackenzie who makes a horrific discovery while babysitting 8 year old Peyton.  

The film stars Ella Bennett, Kristin Macke, Kailee McGuire, Brianna Hauser, Maya Pencakowski, Ariella Mossey, Adrian Espinal, Sofia Dean, Emma Pearson and Hiram Ortiz.  Ryan Callaway directs with Amy Callaway and Kailee McGuire co-producing, and composers David J Ferguson and Pig7 provide original music.  

The Night of the Harvest premiered at the Grove Film Festival on March 27th where it won Best Feature Film.  On April 8th the New Jersey Film Awards added 3 more wins -  Ella Bennett was recognized as Best Actress, Brianna Hauser Best Supporting Actress, along with another nod for Best Feature Film.  Ella also won Best Actress at the Bloody Hats Film Festival in Germany in mid-March.

GROVE FILM FESTIVAL(March 27th, 2024), Jersey City, NJ