Ariella Mossey (One Winter Night) stars as a resourceful babysitter named Mackenzie who is hired to watch a young girl named Peyton overnight.  Peyton's mother warns that their house is old, "creaky and creepy", but Mackenzie isn't bothered.  Later that night she learns that there's much more to the story, and something dangerous is lurking around the house.  

Rivers Duggan, who also starred in "King of Terrors" plays Liz, troubled single mother to the aforementioned Peyton, portrayed by Emma Pearson.  

Award winning composer Eros Cartechini provided original music with SDP regular Pig7 doing additional score.   Haley Murin and Dustin Tyler were also on hand for Special Effects and Makeup.

"Stay Out of the Basement" is currently available on Tubi TV and Amazon with more channels to follow soon!

Poster By Melissa Malone