Let's Not Meet

A pizza delivery girl making her last stop of the night is lured into a trap. While attempting to escape, she encounters a group of campers who are enduring a terrifying nightmare of their own.

In "Let's Not Meet" Writer/Director Ryan Callaway "captures the essence of horror" according to Nerd Rage News. The indie horror film, inspired by Reddit's popular forum featuring true scary encounters, is "a masterclass on making a horror flick on a shoestring budget" per TN Horror News.

A fun, spooky campfire tale "Let's Not Meet" is one of Shady Dawn Pictures' most successful films to date, as it was watched by over half a million people in the first three months after its release. Breanna Engle won the 2019 Young Adult Artist Award for Best Performance in a Streaming Film for her turn as Aya, the quiet but tough pizza delivery girl in the film. She was also nominated for Best Actress at the 2019 NJ Horror Con where LNM was nominated for Fangoria's Special Prize award.