"King of Terrors" is Shady Dawn Pictures' next venture in the horror world. The story centers around a historic site called "Old Town", an area many say is cursed by murders and violence. A survivor of one of Old Town's tragedies, Connie, returns years later as a park ranger with her niece Shayna to face her past. Meanwhile a group led by filmmaker/writer Amber is documenting the haunted history, only to learn that the evil responsible is still very much alive.

The movie stars Rivers Duggan as Connie the park ranger, SDP regular Sophia Zalipsky as her niece Shayna, and Diezel Ramos as Roy - a mysterious hunter the duo encounters while out in the woods. Ella Bennett (The Demon's Waltz, Stay out of the Cornfield) also returns as Miranda, Genevieve Perrault as Riley, and newcomers Madison Stallings (Amber), Camille Martine(Ally) and Elgin Ravenell(Andrew) round out the core cast. Also new to Shady Dawn Pictures is the supremely talented Matt Barberie, tackling the role of one of the film's villains.

The film was shot in Quarryville, PA and New Jersey in early 2022.