Three sisters venture out into the back country with their Aunt to evade a mysterious stalker in the midst of the current pandemic. Once out in the woods, they realize they may have been followed and are now alone with a dangerous presence.

This prequel to "Let's Not Meet" was filmed in the middle of the pandemic (March-June), under quarantine, primarily in Pennsylvania due to the strict lockdowns in New Jersey at the time. The script had to be rewritten several times to accommodate safety procedures, cutting characters and certain locations. Writer/Director Ryan Callaway had expected a call from Christina Zalipsky saying she wanted to postpone filming due to circumstances. Instead, when schools in PA closed she called to say her kids now had a wide open schedule for filming... so the shoot commenced. The found footage film stars Sophia, Melania and Victoria Zalipsky as Mollie, Emelie and Candice. Hiram Ortiz is back as Ethan, the hunter from "Let's Not Meet", and the supremely talented Madeline Lupi (star of both "The Girl in the Cornfield" movies, and "Messenger of Wrath") plays a key role as well.

"Let's Not Meet in the Woods" is available on Tubi TV, Amazon Prime, and more channels to come.